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Aubrey Clarifying Therapy

This is by far the best NATURAL skincare I have used for my acne prone skin. Nothing I have tried so far has worked as well as this range here. I actually wanted to give up everything else I have and just stick to this. But I've already purchased all the requested items to review. But here it is. THE BEST NATURAL SKINCARE FOR ACNE that I have tried so far.

The range uses 1% Salicylic Acid which is the most effective acne treatment, but too much can irritate and dry this skin. The rest of the ingredients will balance and purify your skin this preventing any irritation or dry skin.

Not only will this cleanse your skin but it will go to a deeper level to cleans the liver and support your organs. That's the Milk Thistle in there. The Blue Green Algae is a vegan source of omega 3 which we all need to be supplementing anyway. This will help sooth any irritation to the skin and keep your skin supple.

I'm sure you have all heard of Asprin face masks for acne prone skin. Well this range uses Willow Bark which is the source of Asprin. Before pharmaceutical companies added chemicals to it and made it bad for your liver, Willow Bark was a naturally effective treatment for pain and inflammation. It is used in this skincare range for just that. It can reduce the inflammation and redness of existing spots as well as preventing future break outs.

I could go on and on about all the other ingredients but this will be a long article but the main ones I can point out are:
Lavender - Calming the skin
Almond oil - Cleansing for the skin
Lemon - Evening skin tone and preventing excessive oil production
Clove - Antibacterial
Peppermint - Blood Circulation
Orange - Penetrating the skin layers and brightening the skin
Bergamot - Antibiotic and disinfectant
Jojoba - Moisturising

I could not recommend this range more. I love it. And the best thing is, it is totally AFFORDABLE!!


For those whom this may apply to, it is a Vegan product and totally gluten-free!!

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar

Gamila has a secret. So she puts this secret in our product and sells something so small for £20. The question is, Is it worth it? Actually the question is, what is the secret? But we'll talk about that later.

Gamila Secret offers a range of products for different skin types to help neutralize the skin and bring it back to its original state. So if you have ageing skin, you would buy the Rose one and if you have oily skin, you would buy the Lemongrass one (which is what i did). There are different ways of using this product. It can be used all over the body if you want it to. Especially the Rose one which is great for the d├ęcolletage. It can also be used by men as a shaving cream.

Now, lets get to the good stuff. Does it work? In short, YES. So they recommend you use it for a month straight to see the results but I saw then after a week. I didn't see anything miraculous but I did notice that my skin wasn't as oily. But I was still breaking out, but not as much. I carried on using it and didn't see a great difference after month. I also had to start reviewing another product but I can definitely say that this soap does what it is meant to do and by no doubt will the others disappoint.

The celebrities that use and endorse the product already have gorgeous skin. So where does that leave us? With the secret....

The secret (in my opinion) is what is not in it. And I'm not talking about chemicals and parabens but the specific part of the herb or fruit that is used to make this product. If you compare it to other natural skincare products, you can see the source of the ingredient but it is is a different part of the fruit/herb that is utilized. Maybe it is more potent, or maybe it is not, but these products are very carefully balances so that not only do they work on the body as individuals but that also work together. I'm not just talking about the skin but also other organs in the body.

This is a product I would use over and over again but I'm afraid I have plenty of other products to review.

To Buy: Please do. I've recommended it to a lady I know from Germany and she is absolutely in love with it. She buys a new one every few weeks.

Romance before technology

Remember the days before texting? Remember when your lover sent you a real handwritten love note and not copy and pasted text with a video from some boring website?

This is the place for those who love good old fashioned hand written love notes. Maybe you want a real snail mail pen pal or just received a real love note from a stranger that you would like to share. Maybe you want a stranger to write you?

Maybe your tired of seeing digital fonts and craving someones unique way they write "Your Words Are Beautiful".

The words you write and how you write them are beautiful, explore random love notes, find a pen pal, or leave a picture of your own love note. This site is for the non-digital romantics.

It’s like your whole world has changed in a single moment, the mundane daily routine has been broken. 
In a world where people rarely leave their house and the only mail you receive are texts on your phone and computer screen, something as simple as a hand written love note from a stranger can change everything.
I don’t want something that has been copy and pasted, I want ink and graphite!  I want to hold your words in my hand, take them to my favorite places on the beach and in the forests where there are no computer of cell phone receptions.  I will know it’s you because you’ve left your scent on paper you wrote on. Romance is real…
I don’t want you to “like” me on Facebook or invite me to “chat”, I want you to leave a handwritten note on the sidewalk where I walk, I want you to send me a postcard from overseas, I want to see your love note posted on the wall of the usually very unromantic bulletin boards of gas stations and laundry mats.

There is power in the pen, it’s when we take a break from staring at a screen and go outside with pen and paper, that we truly write from our hearts.

MALIN+GEOTZ Acne Treatment

This is the worst thing for acne. Not only does it make it worse but it creates more. It increases the inflammation rather than decreasing it. It's doesn't kill the bacteria. It spreads it.

The good thing about this product is that it does not irritate the skin in any other way. there is no itching, burning nor any drying properties. So it is easy to get away from this product with no problems.

This silly product creates whiteheads and is just as bad as picking at your skin. Maybe this has to be used in conjunction with the test of the skincare line but on it's own is a total let down. There are a lot better products for half the price so do not waste your money on this. 

To buy? Hell no

Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights

Revlon is an amazing brand. They develop high end quality products and sell them half the price. Their PhotoReady range has been something else though. They’re colour burst was amazing, but PhotoReady is on another level. It really is that look on the magazines that every woman wishes to achieve.

The SkinLights are something I have never seen on the market before. Well the drugstore market. Now I haven’t tried all off them but I have tried enough to know that I don't regret this purchase. I have the following shades:

100 Bare Light
200 Rose Light
300 Peach Light
400 Bronze Light

They are all suitable for all skin tones and skin types. They have a light reflecting technology that makes it look like it's the suns fault that you look so flawless.

I truly prefer using these as opposed to my Benefit High Beam. I think it is way better. It is blendable, natural looking and it is so beautiful on the skin. These can definitely help you achieve the Kim Kardashian look if used correctly as these would be perfect to highlight and contour with lightly. I have never used half a dime size of these products in a day. They are so easy to use and easy to apply.

Take the first step to beautiful photos with the amazing PhotoReady SkinLights. Perfect for night outs, special occasions and even everyday use!

To Buy: To achieve that Kim Kardashian look for the fraction of the price!!

Hourglass - Immaculate

Foundation for ACNE PRONE SKIN!

So I first heard about this product from a wonderful make-up artist called Wayne Goss. He is so knowledgeable, not only about what the products can do for you but also how. He was very clear about this product being for blemish prone skin. He mentioned that this is a foundation that is used by a certain acne prone celebrity, and I am a sucker for celebrity endorsement (even though it went horribly wrong last time). This really works and I was amazed.

This is a liquid-to-powder, natural looking, medium to full coverage, buildable foundation. That says it all, doesn't it? Not really..

Other foundations do clog up my pores. In fact all foundations do. But the molecular structure of this product has more of a way to not sink too much into the pores. It sits on the skin. So it is easier to clean on the skin also. This product  also has an ingredient in it which does have an anti-inflammatory effect so it can also treat existing spots as well as hide them.

It is amazingly blendable. It glides onto the skin and make it look natural. Blending it in circular motions can help work it into the skin so that it can take in the product. It makes it look like skin. People will never guess that you are wearing make up.

It is oil free. But don’t let this scare you if you have dry skin. It works well with good moisturisers to create a matte and at the same time, keep your skin moisturised. Yes, it’s mattifying, so no greasy looks, just a beautiful dewy look if you have oily skin and a beautiful matte look if you have normal skin.

It covers acne scarring. I personally did not feel the need to conceal my scars before using this foundation. However this is solely based on your skin type and how pigmented your skin in. I do have really dark scarring that it doesn't cover completely but it does a great job in covering my other ones. And I have a lot.

A little goes a long way with this product and it goes on thin. It is perfect as an everyday foundation and it will last you a good three months. You won’t feel any irritation or dryness. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it comes with a sample of a mineral primer that works really well with the product. This product will stay on the skin all day. It will stay on during a jog around the park and even a sweaty night out. You will have no regrets with this product. I use it almost everyday and this will definitely be a repeat purchase.

Hourglass have done a great job with this product. It is truly Immaculate.

Shade: Honey

Dior - Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

This is absolutely simple and beautiful. It makes the lips look beautiful without any of the chipping, the lipstick on the teeth and absolutely without any smudging. You can never go wrong with this product for a natural look. It will enhance your lips natural pigment to make it look like a real lipstick.

It is perfect for touch-ups during the day, creating moist kissable lips and just an awesome lip conditioner. It smells great and can taste great for your partner. Enjoy soft kisses with this product.

An amazing tip would be to tint your lips first and then go over it with this product can make it look hot and plump.

Definitely keep this in your purse as it would do a better job than keeping only one shade of lipstick for every outfit or a Vaseline. It will do a much better job than both put together.

To Buy: I don’t know how I lived without it

Benefit - POREfessional Primer

This is a product that we all know and love and we know that it works well. It wouldn't have sold as much as it did. But why this one? Why this one in comparison to any other one?

We know already that Benefit is a reputable and trustworthy brand, releasing products that we know work. They're packing it's beautiful and eye catching. We can trust them because we respect them as a high end brand. We know that it is going to work from the get-go.

So why write a review?

There are some extra benefits that I have noticed when using this product. Instead of being psychologically conditioned to believe that the products we are working. This one actually says what it does. This is the only primer as far as I know that can actually define the word Primer.

The way it glides on to the skin is very silky. It fills in any small lines in the skin to make it feel luxuriously soft. It can also slightly fade your own fingerprint. So make sure hands are washed after the application.

I conducted a little experiment with this primer to see I'd the foundation would stay on my face longer. It did. My foundation lasted FOUR HOURS LONGER in London weather. So this subject to adjustment on weather conditions.

Now as we all know, products of the same brand all work well together, but trying it with other brands is really based on trial and error. I can confidently say that it has worked well with all the foundations I have tried so far. These include Este lauder's Doublewear. Hourglass's Immaculate and Maybelline's Fit Me range.

It can be worn on it's own to mattify skin textures after moisturising, leaving the perfect amount of glow. It is a wonderful primer for eyes. It is very light weight and it works on all skin types and skintones. It won't cause any break-outs and it is an absolute essential for every woman's make up collection.

To buy? If you don't have it already, slap yourself and go and get it. I've had mine for over a year now and still have some left. It's a once a year investment (depending on how much you use and how often).

Yes To Tomatoes - Exfoliating Cleanser

If you know me, you would know that I hate tomatoes. But seeing as I was not consuming any, I needed to get the benefits in somehow in terms of my skin. It’s a really good antioxidant and can prevent spots and ageing. It’s truly miraculous. It just doesn’t taste good.

So I saw this product and was truly interested in how it could get rid of the horrible spots on my face. Then I saw that the product has Salicylic Acid which cleanses the pores and eliminates impurities. It also had 97% natural product such as Tomatoes, Ginger, Mango, and Bamboo. It really gets deeps into the pores and exfoliates the skin. These ingredients battle, blemishes, redness, dry skin and ageing.

My thoughts were mixed. I like the product, but every time i washed my face, I felt like it left a layer of something on my face. I’m not sure if it was the xanthan gum or something else, but I felt like my skin was not clean. But it was clean. That's the funny thing, It works. It prevents spots. It worked so well. But my face never felt cleansed. It might be the fact that this product does not have any SLS. I’m not sure. But if you are going to use this product, use a make-up remover or a face wipe first.

To Buy: There are better ones out there.

Benefit - High Beam

I know that a lot of you may already have the product so I won’t ramble on about it. But for those of you don’t have it or have never tried it. There are some things that you need to know.

This works on all skin types. It can really make the sun hit and make you look dewy and beautiful. It will make you sparkle and still look natural. It has that perfect balance between ‘Bling’ and ‘natural’.

There are so many ways to use it. You can use a small amount and keep it natural, or you can build it up and make it look more theatrical and more dramatic. It is the glossy way to get that shine. It makes cheek bones look so prominent that your cheeks will sparkle along with your smile. And the slight rosy colour adds that little bit of blush to make you look complete.
It is really easy to use. It looks like a nail polish. You use the brush to dot it in the areas that you would like to highlight it and then take your finger and blend it in.
On the other hand, it is really difficult to blend. It needs to be done right away and only with a finger. Blending it in with a brush will leave u with most of the product on the brush. It dries instantly.

It does leave more of a silver finish, which may scare some of the coloured girls out there. The only advice I can give is that it is still ok to use on the brow bone and cupids bow but avoid the cheeks and maybe invest in the BareMinerals READY Luminizer that I have written about before.

I have to admit. I haven’t used this item in a long time. I would probably only wear it on a night out in the club but that’s not often. It’s not good as a daily look on coloured skin and it can leave us looking grey.

If you have dry skin, I suggest you do not buy this product as it can look pretty bad after a couple of hours. I know that I mentioned that it is good for all skin types, but only for a certain amount of time.

I hope this helped.

To Buy: Not a necessity.