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Desert Essence Organic Vanilla Chai Hand and Body Lotion
Dr Hauschka Lemon Body Moisturiser
Dr Hauschka Almond Body Moisturiser
Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion
Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter
Ghost Deep Night Body Lotion
Body Shop Beautifying Oils - Strawberry and Mango
Body Shop Body Butters - Vitamin E, Strawberry, Grapefruit, Blueberry, Mango,
I Love Blackberry and Raspberry

BeautyIn - Beauty Drinks, Sweets and Cereal Bars

Food that makes you even more beautiful than you already are.

Viridian - Clear Skin Complex

Gosh BB Cream

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              Chesnut -04

Lavera Make-Up

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation - Almond 04

Jerome Alexander - Magic Minerals

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Aubrey Clarifying Therapy

This is by far the best NATURAL skincare I have used for my acne prone skin. Nothing I have tried so far has worked as well as this range here. I actually wanted to give up everything else I have and just stick to this. But I've already purchased all the requested items to review. But here it is. THE BEST NATURAL SKINCARE FOR ACNE that I have tried so far.

The range uses 1% Salicylic Acid which is the most effective acne treatment, but too much can irritate and dry this skin. The rest of the ingredients will balance and purify your skin this preventing any irritation or dry skin.

Not only will this cleanse your skin but it will go to a deeper level to cleans the liver and support your organs. That's the Milk Thistle in there. The Blue Green Algae is a vegan source of omega 3 which we all need to be supplementing anyway. This will help sooth any irritation to the skin and keep your skin supple.

I'm sure you have all heard of Asprin face masks for acne prone skin. Well this range uses Willow Bark which is the source of Asprin. Before pharmaceutical companies added chemicals to it and made it bad for your liver, Willow Bark was a naturally effective treatment for pain and inflammation. It is used in this skincare range for just that. It can reduce the inflammation and redness of existing spots as well as preventing future break outs.

I could go on and on about all the other ingredients but this will be a long article but the main ones I can point out are:
Lavender - Calming the skin
Almond oil - Cleansing for the skin
Lemon - Evening skin tone and preventing excessive oil production
Clove - Antibacterial
Peppermint - Blood Circulation
Orange - Penetrating the skin layers and brightening the skin
Bergamot - Antibiotic and disinfectant
Jojoba - Moisturising

I could not recommend this range more. I love it. And the best thing is, it is totally AFFORDABLE!!


For those whom this may apply to, it is a Vegan product and totally gluten-free!!

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar

Gamila has a secret. So she puts this secret in our product and sells something so small for £20. The question is, Is it worth it? Actually the question is, what is the secret? But we'll talk about that later.

Gamila Secret offers a range of products for different skin types to help neutralize the skin and bring it back to its original state. So if you have ageing skin, you would buy the Rose one and if you have oily skin, you would buy the Lemongrass one (which is what i did). There are different ways of using this product. It can be used all over the body if you want it to. Especially the Rose one which is great for the d├ęcolletage. It can also be used by men as a shaving cream.

Now, lets get to the good stuff. Does it work? In short, YES. So they recommend you use it for a month straight to see the results but I saw then after a week. I didn't see anything miraculous but I did notice that my skin wasn't as oily. But I was still breaking out, but not as much. I carried on using it and didn't see a great difference after month. I also had to start reviewing another product but I can definitely say that this soap does what it is meant to do and by no doubt will the others disappoint.

The celebrities that use and endorse the product already have gorgeous skin. So where does that leave us? With the secret....

The secret (in my opinion) is what is not in it. And I'm not talking about chemicals and parabens but the specific part of the herb or fruit that is used to make this product. If you compare it to other natural skincare products, you can see the source of the ingredient but it is is a different part of the fruit/herb that is utilized. Maybe it is more potent, or maybe it is not, but these products are very carefully balances so that not only do they work on the body as individuals but that also work together. I'm not just talking about the skin but also other organs in the body.

This is a product I would use over and over again but I'm afraid I have plenty of other products to review.

To Buy: Please do. I've recommended it to a lady I know from Germany and she is absolutely in love with it. She buys a new one every few weeks.