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Sheer Cover

I had spent months watching the Sheer Cover advert over and over again trying to find the catch. Every time I watched it, I couldn't help but think the deal is great. I get a professional celebrity look for a very good price.

They offered:
1. 2 Foundation Powders
2. Duo-Concealer
3. Base Perfector
4. Concealer Brush
5. Foundation Brush
6. Mascara
7. Colour Palette
8 Vanity Case

I went to look up reviews and could not find one bad one at all. I gave in and decided to get this deal. I had to have it. This make-up (in my eyes) was revolutionary. Make-up that was good for my skin. In some YouTube review, I saw that there was some scepticism on whether the concealer was made from natural products. I asked the Sheer Cover representative on Twitter if the concealer was made from natural products as well and s/he said yes. That really won me over.

After using, and being fairly impressed with Bare Minerals, I wasn't extremely happy that I had to use the foundation powders to conceal as well. It took up quite a bit of time and did not conceal as well as i hoped. What I do like about Bare Essentials are their brushes. They truly offered full coverage.

So after ordering my Sheer Cover in Tan, it was delivered to me five days later. I was really excited about it and tried it on instantly. I read the ‘tips and tricks’ leaflet, followed the instructions and I was able to find the perfect match for my skin. It looked amazing and I looked flawless and it was really natural. It didn't look caked. It goes on really light. I was really impressed. It goes on thin and you can still see the texture of the skin.

Firstly, I was a bit surprised when my skin colour only matched one of the foundation powders. What do I do with the other one? Same with the concealer. I only needed the darker one. What do I do with the lighter one. I feel like I am spending more for less. I am considering changing it to dark. At least I can use the darker power for contouring. I'll find a way around it.

The concealer is great. I never seen such great coverage from a concealer. It can be used just as well for a foundation as well. A little goes a long way with the concealer. It managed to hide all of my Acne Scars like they never existed and looks fantastic in pictures.

Me being the forgetful girl I am, I forgot to use the Base Perfector before applying my make up one day. Half way through the day I noticed that my make up was cracking and settling into my laugh lines. It didn't look nice at all. I looked like an old woman. So I now know that the Base Perfector is a very important part of the Sheer Cover set. Don’t forget it.

The foundation powder does a really good job of blending in with the natural oils in my oily skin and really even out my skin tone. Sometimes, you may even feel that you won't need to use the concealer. Also with the foundation powder, a little goes a long way and the powder really will last three months. I'm not to sure about the concealer though.

Both the Concealer Brush and Foundation Brush look like the won't do much when really they do miracles. The magic is is the Swirl, Tap and Buff method for the foundation brush. The ‘Tap’ is the amazing thing. It locks in the powder in the brush. So next time you won't even have to open your foundation powder. You can use what's left in the brush. Expect the brush to shed.

The concealer brush is small and then so it can be used around your eyes and nose. It comes in very handy as not all concealing can be done with your fingers.

I have only good things to say about the Mascara. I love it. Before, I was really loyal to Max Factor’s False Lash Effect and I still do like it a lot. But the Sheer Cover mascara does exactly the same thing. Its just as fantastic. It separates the lashes. There is no clumping (and that is amazing for a brand new mascara), and it looks amazing and natural on the eyes. I definitely gets two thumbs up from me. The brush is small. Its not like the Max Factor one. Even though it was made to add length, you can see it adds a little volume as well.

Moving on to the Colour Palette. I like it but I barely use it. I never feel the need of re-application on the lips. I barely use highlighters. I only use it on special occasions. And I have a way better eye-liner than the one that is offered. I do like that it has a compact mirror (but not all of them do). The applicator is two pieces of sponge on a stick, so you wont be using that anyway. You will be using your fingers and maybe an eye liner brush for the eye liner. It will come in use, just not a lot. It explain which each one is on the back so that you don’t get the highlighters,lips glosses and the lip cream mixed up.

The Vanity Case is a life saver. The amount of things you can fit in there along with your sheer cover is unmentionable. I’ve been able to put all my Sheer Cover make-up in there, all my Proactiv skin care, Cotton balls for my toner, my Cetaphil cleanser, my Clean and Clear moisturiser, eye liners, tweezers, lip gloss, lip balms, blush and my vitamins all at once. Amazing, right? And that was for a week out of town.

Sheer Cover overall does the job. Its working really well on my skin. I would definitely recommend it to all women and warn them that every step is important. You won’t look back. I get a flawless coverage that looks natural. whatever they say in the advert is completely true, but i did put some things to the test. Like how it is sweat resistant. 

I applied Sheer Cover before going to the gym. I walked to the gym, carried out a 2 hour cardio work out and power walked back home (which is up hill). Just before I was about to step into the shower, I looked at my face in the mirror and saw that my make-up was still perfectly intact. Not one smudge. I did feel sweaty on my face but it didn’t show. I’m not sure if that is scientifically a bad thing but I thought that was great. Just a wash of the face under the shower and your good to go. Just like they say, Sheer Cover is water resistant. So you don’t have to worry about rain or still drinks (well spilling your water at least).

Sheer Cover works and its probably the most reliable make-up I have used. I don’t think I would turn back and use anything else.  

To Buy: Recommended for all Skin Types.
            For Asian skin, I recommend purchasing the Tan or the Dark.
            Go straight for the Delux

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