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Clinique - Taste of Honey

These are sheer lipsticks, and I mean sheer!! They are nice for a natural look. they go really well with mineral make up and can go with any time of day. The fact that it looks so natural is why I love it, but I do feel like I have this already. Then I remembered, it is very similar to Revlon Lip Butters. But this product wasn’t made to look after my lips, nor did it have that lip gloss look. Its not matt, its shimmery and sheer. I hope that makes sense. The box it came in and the presentation was beautiful. Its like a little pink drawer. I got a set of four of these lipsticks and here are the colours I got starting from lightest to the darkest.

Shy Honey (a soft pink, almost Barbie like),
Flirty Honey (more of a luminous pink. very 70s),
Luscious Honey (a valentines day Red colour),
and Black Honey (not exactly Maroon but a dark pink)

Now, it does feel good, but there is something that I am unsure about. It is almost like having a lip balm on your lips and you can’t see how good it looks, so you just think of it as lip care,
The appearance that it gives to lips is smooth, kissable, moisturised and natural. It gives the most beautiful appearance. You will need to carry it with you for touch ups though. Each colour is adaptable to all skintones, but I recommend as the skin tone goes deeper that it is best to use the darker shades. Which is why Black honey is probably my favourite.

Now the texture is nothing like honey but I understand why it is called honey. First of all, the product does look like its honey with colour in it. And secondly, it give the smooth feeling of honey on your lips, without the stickiness.

These are not scented or have added flavouring, so you won’t be licking it of your lips every few moments. It has a little glisten to it, which makes the lips stand out slightly more. It restores colour back to your lips temporarily and makes it look extra soft.

If you want that ‘sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on’ look, this is the lip product to use.

I did put this product to the test to see how many times i can take a sip from my glass of water until I see the entire product on the glass and I have to say, that the lipstick won. It stayed. It didn’t fail me.

Now I can’t stress this enough. This product is for a NATURAL LOOK ONLY. Don’t wear this to a wedding or a christmas party. Wear this when you're popping over to a friends house, or jamming with the boyfriend. Its all good then.

To buy: you can live without it, but sure, why not? It is almost Lipstick

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