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Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is one of those revolutionary innovations that is worth the money and just can't go wrong with. When I got this, I completely forgot about my 5 or 6 foundation brushed just because I found this Beauty Blender amazingly more effective. It is this amazing blending sponge. I really used to hate those cheap triangular ones. I never thought they worked and they just made my make-up worse. The Beauty Blender is amazing because it is a proper high quality sponge that allows you to get the coverage you want by using less product and getting and even blend. You just can't go wrong.
I have nothing bad to say about this product. So allow me to enlist all the good things about this product.
First of all, it blends really well. Just adding a small amount of foundation on to the Beauty Blender can give you a more flawless coverage than using a conventional foundation brush. A lot of product does not get stuck into those brushes and then down the sink later (when those brushes are being cleaned). That is literally money down the drain, but not with the beauty blender.
This Beauty Blender uses a blotting application. No wiping or sweeping. You will not have sweeps across your face and it doesn't look like you have make-up on. It gives a flawless and natural finish. It is really easy to use. I have thrown away all those triangular sponges now because I simply do not need them anymore. ~I really love to use with with my Doublewear Foundation.
It is easy to clean. You can buy a cleanser with it which is also very affordable. It’s like a shampoo and you massage it through the sponge. Not only is it clean and sanitary but also leaves a wonderful lavender smell.
I understand that this review is short but I wanted to go straight to the point. It's a product that you cannot go wrong with. 

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