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Avalon Organics - Vitamin C Renewal Balancing Toner

Here is your secret to glowing skin. This toner is designed to help you even out your skin tone and prevent any further damage from the sun. It’s been pretty hot here is England for the last few weeks and many people are noticing changed to their skin, whether it be discolouration and sunspots to even breaking out more. This toner is going to restore that glow to your skin.  And that is where the Vitamin C comes in.

Vitamin C has a brightening and lightening effect on the skin. It doesn’t only have to be used when the sun is out. You could have scarring or serious skin issues that make the skin darker, but we all know that the sun doesn’t help in these kinds of situations.

Now you can go to Body Shop and pick up all these Vitamin C products, but I’ll tell you why this one product does the job of the entire Vitamin C range at Body Shop.
The Vitamin C is plant derived so it will be more effective than vitamin C made in a lab because the body absorbs it better. It will work as an antioxidant, so it can prevent break-outs and aging (free radical damage caused by sunlight) and it will energise the cells of the skin to speed up the renewal process.
It has an amazing cleansing effect. You will be astonished and what you will see on that cotton pad when you are done. It will reveal all the dirt that is deep down in the skin that most normal face washes can’t reach.
It is a balancing toner so it can be used on oily skin too and it will remove that excess oil and keep it off for the day ahead. For the dry skinned - It can add that moisture you need for the day leave your skin feeling soft and dewy. For the mature woman, I am sure that this product will make you feel younger with the slight skin tightening effect it has on the skin to help you feel younger and confident.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.
- Avalon offer an all-natural product so there will be no problems in the long run.
-Not only that but 70% of this product is Organic.
-There are no synthetic fragrances and it smells of Oranges. It’s divine.
- There are no phthalates, harsh sulphates or parabens - so it is really a guilt-free purchase.
- Even the bottle is made from 100% recycled material so you don’t have to worry about the lining in the bottles.

The main ingredients you will find in this product are Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Papaya extract.
These are all combined to have a healing, cooling and hydrating effect to the skin and it is the perfect combination for tackling hyperpigmentation.

Avalon Organics have an entire Vitamin C range of products, but if there is one thing to take away from that collection, it would be this toner.

To Buy: It’s worth a try. I certainly do not regret it.
Small Tip - Make sure you take it down to the neck, otherwise you will have a face that it lighter than your neck.


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