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Benefit - POREfessional Primer

This is a product that we all know and love and we know that it works well. It wouldn't have sold as much as it did. But why this one? Why this one in comparison to any other one?

We know already that Benefit is a reputable and trustworthy brand, releasing products that we know work. They're packing it's beautiful and eye catching. We can trust them because we respect them as a high end brand. We know that it is going to work from the get-go.

So why write a review?

There are some extra benefits that I have noticed when using this product. Instead of being psychologically conditioned to believe that the products we are working. This one actually says what it does. This is the only primer as far as I know that can actually define the word Primer.

The way it glides on to the skin is very silky. It fills in any small lines in the skin to make it feel luxuriously soft. It can also slightly fade your own fingerprint. So make sure hands are washed after the application.

I conducted a little experiment with this primer to see I'd the foundation would stay on my face longer. It did. My foundation lasted FOUR HOURS LONGER in London weather. So this subject to adjustment on weather conditions.

Now as we all know, products of the same brand all work well together, but trying it with other brands is really based on trial and error. I can confidently say that it has worked well with all the foundations I have tried so far. These include Este lauder's Doublewear. Hourglass's Immaculate and Maybelline's Fit Me range.

It can be worn on it's own to mattify skin textures after moisturising, leaving the perfect amount of glow. It is a wonderful primer for eyes. It is very light weight and it works on all skin types and skintones. It won't cause any break-outs and it is an absolute essential for every woman's make up collection.

To buy? If you don't have it already, slap yourself and go and get it. I've had mine for over a year now and still have some left. It's a once a year investment (depending on how much you use and how often).

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