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Hourglass - Immaculate

Foundation for ACNE PRONE SKIN!

So I first heard about this product from a wonderful make-up artist called Wayne Goss. He is so knowledgeable, not only about what the products can do for you but also how. He was very clear about this product being for blemish prone skin. He mentioned that this is a foundation that is used by a certain acne prone celebrity, and I am a sucker for celebrity endorsement (even though it went horribly wrong last time). This really works and I was amazed.

This is a liquid-to-powder, natural looking, medium to full coverage, buildable foundation. That says it all, doesn't it? Not really..

Other foundations do clog up my pores. In fact all foundations do. But the molecular structure of this product has more of a way to not sink too much into the pores. It sits on the skin. So it is easier to clean on the skin also. This product  also has an ingredient in it which does have an anti-inflammatory effect so it can also treat existing spots as well as hide them.

It is amazingly blendable. It glides onto the skin and make it look natural. Blending it in circular motions can help work it into the skin so that it can take in the product. It makes it look like skin. People will never guess that you are wearing make up.

It is oil free. But don’t let this scare you if you have dry skin. It works well with good moisturisers to create a matte and at the same time, keep your skin moisturised. Yes, it’s mattifying, so no greasy looks, just a beautiful dewy look if you have oily skin and a beautiful matte look if you have normal skin.

It covers acne scarring. I personally did not feel the need to conceal my scars before using this foundation. However this is solely based on your skin type and how pigmented your skin in. I do have really dark scarring that it doesn't cover completely but it does a great job in covering my other ones. And I have a lot.

A little goes a long way with this product and it goes on thin. It is perfect as an everyday foundation and it will last you a good three months. You won’t feel any irritation or dryness. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it comes with a sample of a mineral primer that works really well with the product. This product will stay on the skin all day. It will stay on during a jog around the park and even a sweaty night out. You will have no regrets with this product. I use it almost everyday and this will definitely be a repeat purchase.

Hourglass have done a great job with this product. It is truly Immaculate.

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