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Romance before technology

Remember the days before texting? Remember when your lover sent you a real handwritten love note and not copy and pasted text with a video from some boring website?

This is the place for those who love good old fashioned hand written love notes. Maybe you want a real snail mail pen pal or just received a real love note from a stranger that you would like to share. Maybe you want a stranger to write you?

Maybe your tired of seeing digital fonts and craving someones unique way they write "Your Words Are Beautiful".

The words you write and how you write them are beautiful, explore random love notes, find a pen pal, or leave a picture of your own love note. This site is for the non-digital romantics.

It’s like your whole world has changed in a single moment, the mundane daily routine has been broken. 
In a world where people rarely leave their house and the only mail you receive are texts on your phone and computer screen, something as simple as a hand written love note from a stranger can change everything.
I don’t want something that has been copy and pasted, I want ink and graphite!  I want to hold your words in my hand, take them to my favorite places on the beach and in the forests where there are no computer of cell phone receptions.  I will know it’s you because you’ve left your scent on paper you wrote on. Romance is real…
I don’t want you to “like” me on Facebook or invite me to “chat”, I want you to leave a handwritten note on the sidewalk where I walk, I want you to send me a postcard from overseas, I want to see your love note posted on the wall of the usually very unromantic bulletin boards of gas stations and laundry mats.

There is power in the pen, it’s when we take a break from staring at a screen and go outside with pen and paper, that we truly write from our hearts.

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