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Cetaphil is something I tried in the past. I tried it as a make-up remover while using ProActiv when first noticing that it wasn't working for me. As it said gentle, I didn't really think it would be bad for me. Boy, was I wrong.

I did stop using it when, first of all, it wasn't made for my skin type, and secondly, it was really bad for my insides. Watch this video.

Cetaphil is filled with cancer promoting ingredients which I don't want in my body. I mean, who wants cancer? I don't.  This man had bad acne himself, and has dedicated his career to helping others by showing them that a good diet and staying organic is the best way to go. Now even though, it didn't work for me, I didn't do one thing he told me to do. I just bought an organic Cleanser, which I'm sure you have already read about on this blog. If you haven't, the product is called Laidbare DIY 2in1 Cleanser and Toner.

After about 10 months, I was getting impatient with my acne and I wanted it to go. So I bought the correct Cetaphil (by correct, I mean for my skin type). And it did work. but day to day I was worried about what it could be doing to me internally. 

I was really happy with the results and I felt confident again. I even bought a double pack so I two 590ml containers filled with these terrible chemicals and so on along with the moisturising lotion. 

What I used to do was cleanse with Cetaphil than use St Ives Apricot Scrub (Blemish Fighting) to exfoliate my skin. I don't even use that any more  But it did work. I even made a video about it. 

But come on guys, we can't just settle for appearance. It has to be good for us, internally. Sometimes we care too much about the outside, that we don't realise what's going on in the inside. 

What did I do that I said I would do next? See a dermatologist.

Well, it didn't go that far, but I met a doctor in a pharmacy who specialised in Dermatology and she told me not to use it any more. Along with this advice, she told me that she swears by salicylic acid and not to use anything that contains alcohol as it irritates the skin. She recommended some products that I will talk about in a later post. As for Cetaphil. Its bye bye for now. And a thank you for helping to improve the appearance of my skin; But I must move on to much healthier products. Take care. 

To Buy: If you must. If life depended on it. 

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