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Sheer Cover VS Bare Minerals

This comparison just doesn't get made enough. It is truly magnificent as to how similar these products are. People are often torn between which one to buy? Which one is better? Which one is more effective? Which one is worth the money I pay? Well I am going to answer these questions for you.

Let’s look at what you get with each kit. Now, you have ready my previous posts, I have talked about what these consist of in depth. But here is a brief summary.

Sheer Cover (£59.85 per three months)
Bare Minerals (£51)
2 Foundations (one lighter, one darker)
1 Foundation (colour matched)
Duo concealer
Contour brush
Concealer brush
Concealer brush
Foundation brush
Foundation brush
Colour palette
Mineral veil
Vanity Case
Instructional DVD

Sheer cover offers an introductory package to try it for £29.99. To receive it in the post every three months, you can pay £19.95 a month which is £59.85.
If I am going to cut it short, I can tell you now that Sheer Cover gives you more for your money and the product is great for all skin types.

Bare Minerals is cheaper, and the starter package does last (more or less) 3 months also. In addition, the amount of product in the foundation is more in comparison, but this may be because the foundation powder is also used a concealer. They also have the option to buy matt and satin finishes.

Sheer Covers a lot more to create an entire look as for Bare Minerals; it is just your foundation and contour.

Other Comparisons

Sheer Cover (£59.85 per three months)
Bare Minerals (£51)
Softer brushes
More Product
Free gifts
Foundation can also be used as the concealer
Advertised to be good for aging skin also.
Brushes don’t shed

What are your opinions on what is better?

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