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Collection 2000 - Primed and Ready Smoothing Primer

I have never been more impressed with the quality of this drugstore primer. This is best used with other drugstore foundations though. This would not work as well on a high end foundation as it would drugstore. When I used a high end foundation  (Estée Lauder Double wear) I noticed that the foundation started to break and it didn't last too long. However, with foundations like Maybelline Fit Me and and Dream Matte Mousse, they worked amazingly well.

The smoothing properties were amazing, ensuring that skin feels like silk. And the best thing about it is that it is air light. You won't even feel it on your face once applied. It’s very similar to Bare Minerals Prime Time. It goes on matte but there is a glowing aspect to it too. I’m not saying there are little specs of glitter in it, because i wouldn't like that either, but its almost velvet.

Surprisingly, it is wonderful at hiding blemishes and I've noticed that it has reduced redness somehow. So for all of you with acne, this may be a good step with your drugstore make-up routine. Not that you should be wearing make-up, but I know we all do anyway.

Since the ‘Primer’ came into the market, I have been on quite the hunt. I felt that I could only use primers with foundations that were of the same brand, but that isn't the case. For everyday make-up users, you will be happy to know that a little goes a long way with this product and it will last you a long time. And it only costs £5.99 (Boots). This product is suitable for all skin types

To be honest, there isn't much to say other than it is a wonderful product.

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